Ferlander is characterized by three things. First, the use of intense colors, that must be combined with the highest expertise to have a balanced and harmonic painting. Second, the use of heavy and thick textures, very competitive with intense colors but in the right amount to avoid excess. Finally but not less important, Ferlander Arguedas paintings are charged with a lot of energy, thanks to the variety of colors and textures we can find on them.

Earth Elements

This Collection was made with earthy textures, it connect us with the universe, with the "everything", with the divinity that lies inside of us.


A word game: Happy + Psychedelic. This is how this Collection of forest animals is characterized. Animals that show happy and psychedelic color combinations.

Love Feelings

Magic Eroticism

It is the acceptance of human body as something divine and perfect, beyond of the concept each person can have. The majority of this Collection is represented with feminine bodies in honor to their energy that brings balance to the place. Their faces are absent in representation of all human beings. These creations are full of intense colors, thick textures and powerful energy.

Magic Forests

Collection of magical paintings of different forests.

Original Paintings Catalog

Here you will find Original Paintigs available at the moment at the store. We update this content every Sunday.. If you are interested in some paintings pls write us first to confirm the availability


Ferlander Arguedas is a Master in Hyperrealism and Realism. It was his first artistic genre of painting. He practiced it everyday and developed his career in this way. It opened new doors for him and allowed him to preserve the millimetric detail in all of his creations.


Surrealism category.

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