Ferlander Arguedas is an innate artist.

At 8 years old, he discovers his passion for art, and in spite of the difficulties that life imposed on him from a very young age, in addition to the loss of his mother when he was just a child and facing a cruel world, his determination for art took him at the age of 13 make his first exhibition in Switzerland with the help of his very dear friend Johannes Barz and the Consul of the Prince of Monaco. He returned to Costa Rica knowing at his young age that he wanted to be a full time artist. In a country as touristy as Costa Rica, his first works were paintings on feathers, which were sold in Souvenirs or He directly with tourists, one of the great innate abilities he has is that he speaks Spanish, English, German and Italian and he is currently learning of other languages.

Many people from different countries saw his great capacity and hired him to make murals on their mansions (in Saint Tropez for the Prince of Lignac, in Denmark for the director of Se Og Er, In the restoration of a 500 years old house in Ticino Switzerland) also made exhibitions with the Embassy of Costa Rica in Ottawa, at different art fairs in Costa Rica, at the Rossenhoff Market in Switzerland and others; He also opened a successful Art Gallery in the Hotel Barcelo Tambor, Costa Rica and in Barcelo Bavaro, Dominican Republic; however the destination took him as art director for the E.P.I.C. foundation in Jaco, Costa Rica and he made a enormous client portfolio at Los Sueños Resort & Marina and surroundings where he is widely known and quoted for his work.